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MEMORIA: multimedia electronic memories at hand

The MEMORIA project develops a new generation of computer aided reading environments that will support professional readers in making use (accessing, retrieving, reading, structuring, writing) of the large and heterogeneous holding of digital libraries. MEMORIA is based on the following technologies: document structuring standards, information indexing and retrieval techniques, hypertext navigation, modelling of reading activities, networking technology. Two kinds of applications are envisaged. One is to provide access to the digital collections of a network of public libraries for professional readers. The other will apply the concept of a digital library to handle and make accessible the knowledge and collections of a private corporate. The results in the preparatory phase are: specifications of access and navigation activities, specifications of reading activities and process, a digital collection structuring standard, linguistic tool requirements, system architecture design, and a mock-up. The following public deliverables can be requested from the contact person: MEMORIA presentation brochure, public report of the preparatory phase. The mock-up gives a general vision of the strong relationships existing between the different readers activities and the integration requirements that this implies. Further exploitation of MEMORIA results will allow the development and use of digital libraries in Europe. It will provide infrastructure to enhance research, education, cultural services at the European level, not only for professional readers but also for general public users.

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