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Preparatory action for linguistic resources organization for language engineering

The project, PAROLE, has developed and implemented specifications for the design, structuring and annotation of corpora and lexicons for the European languages. To ensure that work in the area of creating written language resources will continue beyond the duration of the project, the PAROLE consortium is setting up a collaborative infrastructure of those institutions charged with the development of linguistic resources within their own country. The project has produced: reports on user needs, reports on the relevant players in the field, specifications for the encoding of lexical entries for all languages covered; specifications for the design and annotation of corpora and proof of the existence of a European network. PAROLE is a preparatory project, delivering designs rather than prototypes and/or data. However, after setting up the European infrastructure and agreeing on common standards for the field, the stage is set for productive work. Resources created and/or collected by the PAROLE consortium will be distributed through the European Language Resources Association (ELRA) to interested users. The fact that already fifty commercial and public institutions have joined ELRA points out that the approach is viable.

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