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RAILTEL: railway telephone information service

RAILTEL concerns the development of interactive voice services in the field of railway transportation. The preparatory phase includes an economic and technological evaluation leading to the design of a service that will be validated through a field trial. RAILTEL will identify the priorities among the technological developments that will be necessary to make the access to this kind of services user friendly, reliable and fast. Strong transnational aspects embedded in the transportation field make the design of a common multilingual user interface a basic contribution. Adequately mature and robust speech techniques will be used for an early field test to assess their real robustness; more advanced speech recognition and understanding techniques will be introduced if they are needed to improve service usability.

The feasibility includes: evaluation of the economical impact and of the related risks for the proposed information service; definition of the requirements of the human-machine interface; evaluation of the technological adequacy of available techniques and needs for further developments; identification of an extended consortium for the system development and service implementation in the 4th framework program. Millions of users in Europe could benefit from multilingual information services in the railway domain. A typical application could be a fully automated timetable information service that allows the passenger to obtain, through the telephone, information about train timetables in his own language.

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