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RELATOR: a European network of repositories for linguistic resources

The language industries of the future will rely heavily on the availability of large-scale linguistic resources (LR) (eg corpora, speech databases, dictionaries, linguistic descriptions) together with appropriate standards and methodologies. Although much effort and money has been invested in the construction of LRs within Europe, there are still many unmet needs. There are three main groups of end users of LRs, namely those involved in research, education and system development. None of these groups has been adequately served, but it is the third category which has been most severely handicapped. For example, there is still a dearth of robust, wide-coverage grammars of English that could be incorporated into marketable products. The RELATOR Industrial Steering Committee's (ISC) role is to advise the project on the specific needs of different types of research and development users and on the possible solutions. The project is generating a prototype of a structure for the collection and distribution of LR. The structure suggested by the project, a European Association for Language Resources (ELRA) has been implemented during the life cycle of the project, in cooperation with the LR-MLAP projects. A model catalogue of LRs and the statutes for the establishment of ELRA are available.

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