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SECC: a simplified English grammar and style checker/corrector

Many international organizations produce technical documentation that must be easy to understand by a wide customer base and easy to translate into different languages. SECC addresses their needs by proposing to use a controlled form of English (limiting terminology and linguistic structures) to write technical documentation. The SECC tool can: assist writers when trying to follow the imposed rules of controlled English, and make subsequent translation of the controlled English text easier. An ergonomic desk top publishing (DTP)-integrated authoring tool is being developed that checks texts against a grammar and lexicon of controlled English, and corrects the texts wherever possible. SECC (re)uses the METAL machine translation (MT) development environment and existing lingware components. It uses MT technology to build a grammar and style checker, conceived as a special language pair (English to Simplified English). It supports Dutch, French and German writers when producing English technical texts. SECC can be introduced in technical documentation writing divisions, or training material writing divisions of large organizations. In a second stage, it can also be introduced as an add-on to any organization using machine translation tools. The first version SECC tool checks and corrects sentences in batch mode. The final tool will also allow on-line checking and will give feedback about problems that go beyond the sentence level.

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