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TRADE: translation demonstrator

TRADE is a client-server translation application working on personal computers (PC) or Sun stations. The translation process can be run for ASCII and WinWord 2.0 documents, keeping all source text attributes. The TRADE Desktop client is fully integrated on Windows and allows interaction with the File Manager and WinWord. The server provides equal functionality to the client and some useful development utilities as a Dictionary Editor. The translation process is highly improved by extending EUROTRA technology and using backtracking; the desired robustness is integrated into the system through the incorporation of linguistically motivated safety nets. Finally, although not less important, multiple users can be connected from different PCs and translate several files concurrently. TRADE is targeted at the public administration represented by the Italian Social Security and Pension's Administration (INPS) with main interest in the translation of Social Security reports and statistics for its communication to other countries. TRADE is also directed to software companies. The project focuses on implementing an machine translation (MT) system demonstrator, close to market needs, for English, Spanish and Italian languages. TRADE aims to reuse and extend EUROTRA technology, although it also considers some of the most interesting standards of contemporary linguistics to guarantee the treatment of real text.

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