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Good practice manuals for the European brewing industry

Many medium and small sized breweries do not have the ready access to the level of technical information and support enjoyed by large breweries. The project concerns the preparation of a series of `good practice' manuals covering various aspects of malting and brewing. The first manual was on pasteurization and was published in May 1995 with a further four planned . Each manual is being prepared under the chairmanship of a member of the European Brewery Convention Engineering and Technology Forum. The composition of each study group is such that it includes a balance of nationalities and functional interests. The manual on pasteurisation contains sections on objectives, required performance, scientific principles, engineering data, calculation examples, and lastly, research and development needs. Emphasis is on equipment and contains sub-sections on history (development of the process), current methods, heat transfer (in bottles, cans and plate heat exchangers), process engineering (design of tunnel and plate pasteurizers, control requirements), energy and water (maximizing efficiency and minimizing effluent), maintenance, environmental aspects, process hygiene, routine analysis, trouble shooting, and operator safety. Shortcomings of existing beer pasteurization processes are also listed and include variations in sensory properties with oxygen content and degree of treatment, variations in heat sensitivity of spoilage organisms, solubility of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide /nitrogen mixtures in different types of beer, physical properties of different types of beer, rapid tests for spoilage organisms, and alternative water treatments in relation to can staining.

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