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Quality policy and consumer behaviour

The project combines consumers' expectations regarding food quality with organizational and institutional efforts for quality management in the industry trade. The project is devoted mainly to the fresh meat sector. Six academic contractors in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, and five industry partners in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Sweden are jointly carrying out the project.

The consumer behaviour part is based on 500 telephone interviews in each of the six participating countries. In the second part each partner has reviewed the existing quality policy in his/her country by contacting industry associations, institutions, and agri-food firms, and reviewing national literature in the field of quality management and quality policy. The data are being analysed but some tentative conclusions can already be drawn: the higher the standard of living in a country, the more pronounced are considerations on animal welfare issues; the higher consumer confidence in domestic public institutions, the more important are public institutions in designing quality policy schemes, and vice versa; the higher consumer confidence in public institutions, the higher the mistrust towards imports from other countries and the more important are country of origin considerations for consumer shopping behaviour; the more segmented the retail level, the less important are retail quality assurance schemes; the more important butchers are as retailers, the more important is the region of meat production for consumers, and vice versa.

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