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MERMAID: medical emergency aid through telematics

MERMAID involves the establishment of a transnational and multilingual health emergency system that improves the effectiveness and ease of delivery of telemedical intervention and also improves the present state of connectivity of the emergency points of care with the providers of telemedical services. Thus MERMAID provides an integrated 24-hour multilingual world-wide medical emergency service and uses telematics for making available high grade medical expertise to sea-borne vessels. The results of the project are the following: setting up of an integrated 24-hour multilingual, telematic, around-the-world, medical emergency service that serves as a generic model for telemedicine in the European Union (EU) and as a pilot project within the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS); prevention of the deterioration of medical emergencies into untenable situations through expert help provided via Telepresence (highly efficient telemedical services based upon direct patient-doctor interaction, face-to-face consultation, visual inspection and better local medical skills).MERMAID offers a viable alternative to locally missing medical expertise. It is a generic platform for developing remote applications (eg tele-inspection). By combining use of local resources with teleconsultation it improves productivity in remote environments. MERMAID implements Council Directives 92/29 and 93/103, responds to the common G-7 and EU policy on 'Global Healthcare Applications' and provides a generic model for telemedicine contributing to the GMDSS.

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