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CATCH: citizen's advisory system on telematics for communication and health

The project involves carrying out quantitative and qualitative research into the citizen's need for information on health, determination of how this need in the developing information society, with its new possibilities and structures, can be satisfied. This also means finding out how Telematics can be used to solve these complex tasks. The solutions are based on up-and-coming information or communication infrastructures. According to market studies, health matters have become a main priority in citizens' lives. The market studies also highlighted the fact that existing information systems are insufficient, do not provide a wide enough selection of subjects, and are directed at experts in their particular field. This does not correspond to user needs. The idea of an Advisory System for Health, directed first and foremost at European citizens, is based on the results of the market studies. Unlike other existing information systems, it does not primarily address medical experts, but rather the layman, creating a tool for everyone which can be used without any expert knowledge.

By using the results so far acquired from the research carried out, several prototype versions for a multilingual and multimedia advisory system for health have been developed. These prototypes are being tested and validated in various ways and in various places in all the partner countries. Different user groups from diverse European countries have already been involved in these activities, which has led to a great deal of useful feedback. The data collected so far from the pilot-testing/validation process is being critically examined and used to make any further improvements which may be necessary.

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