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DIABCARE Q-NET: Diabetes care quality network in Europe

DIABCARE Q-Net involves the fields of quality development, networking and telemedicine with respect to the development of diabetes care across Europe. The Network provides the means for electronic communication of data and results to enable comparison (benchmarking). Telemedicine provides image or video information (retina, feet) as additional input for quality development and improvement. All elements of the development cycle (data collection, electronic transfer, aggregation, evaluation of quality indicators, comparison, feedback, and local quality improvement) were developed and feasibility tested. Now, the process is implemented stepwise into all countries of the European Union on national, regional, and local levels. National responsibility for quality improvement was accepted by the European Council of World Health Organization (WHO) in 1991.

DIABCARE Q-Net has set-up a multilingual compatible monitoring and feedback network at the front-end level. Based on the diabetes data set previously developed, a telematic Windows software was developed in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan. The workpackages involved in production of the software applications for the quality network have agreed on creation of the BIS in an EDIFACT message. After approval of this EDIFACT standard, the diabetes data set will be interoperable with many software applications for patient data management and electronic patient records. The products derived from the DIABCARE Q- Net methodology are currently expanded to the chronic diseases hypertension, asthma, thyroid diseases and migraine.

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