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EUROPATH: European pathology assisted by telematics for health

Telepathology is already an highly promising and realistic application of telemedicine which is fostered by the project in two directions: the integration of multimedia telecommunication between pathologists to improve quality assurance, diagnostic accuracy and cost efficiency of screening, diagnosis and prognosis in routine practice (in this respect, the project provides the inter-operable tools for remote consultation of experts, consensus diagnostic through microscope teleconferencing, and remote quantification of biological markers); the integration of multimedia European databases for evaluating the prognostic value of the large amount of biological information now available on tissue lesions as it comes from the rapidly increasing number of immunological markers and genetic probes in use. The project will establish compatibility and inter-operability between the major European manufacturers of microscope and designers of imaging workstations and will issue the medical protocols and guidelines to support the set-up of telemedicine European services offering added-value in pathology. Three pieces of software have been developed and are available as an industrial product. The inter-operable interface to motorized automatic microscope have been made available. The transcoding tables for multilingual electronic data exchange (English, French, Spanish) in most domains of medical pathology have been designed and implemented and a high capacity EUROPATH Web Server using a dedicated UNIX based system has been set up. The LOTUS NODE Web server software support has been implemented as has a common database structure for case reports, reference images and biological markers within the ORACLE Database shell. The project has contributed to foster the set-up of an Oncology Network in the framework of the G7 Global Healthcare program.

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