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Gaster application for data management in digestive endoscopy

The ENDOBASE III application is a complete software for management of data in digestive endoscopy. All data pertaining to the endoscopic procedure, including capture of images and organisation of the work in the endoscopy unit are implemented. The software allows the generation of the endoscopic report, using the Minimal Standard Terminology, a structured language describing the main parts of the endoscopic report. It also contains a module for statistical analysis on data contained in the endoscopic report.

For images, ENDOBASE III, as the Gaster application does, allows the capture of endoscopic images directly from the electronic videoendoscope and their storage in the computer, with a link established automatically with the procedure during which the images have been obtained. Images are stored in JPEG or TIFF format but can be exported in these formats or in most of the formats currently available for colour images. Moreover, the application allows the creation of DICOM objects that allow the export of the images and their exchange with systems using the DICOM protocol.

Based on the work performed in the Gaster project, the application has been customised for use in several countries and different languages.

The application has also a full compatibility with other endoscopic imaging systems and can be operated in a network environment. It is developed in its current version under the WINDOWS NT 4.0 operating system and is compatible with WINDOWS 2000 (Jan. 2001).

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