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HANSA: healthcare advanced network system architecture

The project promotes and facilitates the evolution and convergence of the European healthcare structures towards the new organizational and technological requirements, by permitting the integration, interworking and interoperability of both advanced and legacy information systems through a common and open architectural framework, based on the standard DHE middleware of common services. The main results achieved by Hansa, are summarized as follows: the installation of the DHE middleware has been completed in 20 hospitals and 10 industries from 9 European countries, who have already started its demonstration for integrating legacy systems already existing in their live environments; even additional organizations, both industries and healthcare organizations from Sweden, Italy, and Luxembourg, not members of the project from the beginning, have decided to relate to Hansa, largely as sponsoring partners. They also are already using the common DHE middleware; promoted by the Hansa collaboration, a proposal for European standard (ie CEN/TC251 prENV 12967-1 'Standard Architecture for Healthcare Information System') has been drafted and approved; through Hansa a network of independent healthcare and industrial organizations has been established, formally committed to this standard architecture (healthcare authorities are already including reference to the CEN standard in official tenders, hospitals are using the middleware in their production environments and industries have finalized distribution contracts and are developing new systems on top of the middleware); the common architecture and DHE middleware is being adopted also in the central and eastern countries of Europe.

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