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HEALTHWATCH: healthcare database

The Healthwatch project involved four partners from UK, France, Spain and Italy. with skills in market research in the health information technology field, computer services and consultancy. The Consortium took the view that it would be possible to use emerging Web enabling technologies to improve the Healthwatch database build and the eventual dissemination of the results. Projects in the healthcare sector of the European Union which are either making extensive use of telematics, or demonstrate an innovative use of telematics were identified. These projects involve some degree of networking and/or distributed processing, either at an enterprise or wide-area basis. A methodology was devised and tested which evaluates the benefits of those projects to a range of parties including patients, public administrations, healthcare professionals and the telematics industry. The database of evaluated projects was then produced which will assist contractors within the Telematics Programme identify expertise and demonstration sites, and also assist the Commission in the administration of the Telematics Application Programme. There is a great deal of interest in the database and an Awareness Programme has started together with efforts to secure additional resources to enable the project to continue to populate the database with additional records and to enhance the Web facilities.

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