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An integrated departmental system for neuromedicine

CLINWORKS was conceptualized, implemented and validated, as an integrated departmental system for neuromedicine. It provides a system for neuromedicine, to support patient data management, teleconsultation and diagnostic tools for diseases of the brain. CLINWORKS comprises three modules: BrainWorks, a diagnostic workstation for 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional display and editing of images of the brain from various sources(principally computerized tomography, CT, and magnetic resonance imaging, MRI), and incorporating atlases and tools for matching the atlases with modality images. 3-dimensional visualization and 3 dimensional editing are new features. The atlases are enhanced with brain stem objects and textual information on brain objects; InfoWorks, the departmental multimedia electronic patient folder for documentation and archiving of medical patient data; TeleWorks, for remote consultation and sharing of diagnostic expertise using co-operative work on radiological images. TeleWorks is particularly designed for narrow bandwidth (integrated services digital network, ISDN) communication. The validation and demonstration of CLINWORKS took place at the four hospitals. Common to all software components is the support of personal computer (PC) hardware under Windows NT 4.0. It therefore opens diagnostic imaging, teleconsultation and multimedia document handling to a wide community of clinical users. This was clearly appreciated by the clinical test sites. Using CLINWORKS has: increased the availability of distributed medical information from different sources, human expertise via TeleWorks, external knowledge via Brainwork (atlases and case collection) and databases and the modalities via InfoWorks; decreased time needed to access the distributed medical information; made diagnostic findings more reproducible and objective via the BrainWorks reference data (ie the Atlases and Case Collection and quantitative measurements of the brain with the BrainWorks 3-dimensional Editor; increased ease of analysis and processing of diagnostic information of a patient, such as 3-dimensional visualization in BrainWorks.

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