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STAR: seamless telematics across regions

STAR is delivering solutions to enable healthcare to be delivered seamlessly among different care providers within a region. It has performed a detailed analysis of user and business requirements for seamless care in ten regions across Europe. This has led to the specification of generic services to support the care processes and an extension to well-founded architecture for open healthcare services. The services are being integrated with legacy systems and new end-user applications are being developed in order to demonstrate the benefits of seamless interworking of healthcare information systems.

The project supports seamless care in a telematics environment in the following four areas: shared electronic patient dossier and cooperative working; telemedicine services; resource management across care providers; administrative services. This is being achieved through a ten user-led demonstrator sites across Europe. The architecture has been designed using a tool jointly developed between STAR and PRESTIGE called 'Architecture Repository Tool' (ART). This tool has been developed to support and industrialize the design and maintenance of open information system architectures. The services developed by the project include: Act Management Services (support of the professional activities); Patient Dossier Services (management of patient medical information); Enterprise Managers (regional and local levels, information on resources); Patient Reference Manager (demographic information and references to passages); Booking Services( scheduling appointments); Security Services (including public key management, certification, encryption); Yellow Pages (regional end-user service, regional service information).

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