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Good manufacturing practice for minimally processed foods

The project, called HARMONY, evaluated the scientific basis of the safety criteria for good manufacturing practice (GMP) and legislation, as applied to minimally processed foods (eg chilled, sous-vide, etc), in such a way that harmonization of criteria is optimal. These details have been collated in a 46 page inventory report.

The inventory of legislation contains details of European and national food legislation. The former embraces the structure of European food and hygiene legislation (General Directive 93/43/EEC, and Vertical Directives). The latter deals with the implementation of Directive 93/43/EEC, and also differences in national legislation in terms of temperature requirements and microbiological norms.

Areas addressed in the inventory of GMP include: the forthcoming Codex Committee code of hygienic practice for refrigerated packaged foods with extended shelf life; the code of practice developed by the European Chilled Foods Federation (ECFF) in 1996 (available on Website for chilled foods; and an inventory of current national codes of good hygiene practice for minimally processed foods as applied to different food industry sectors (ie. food manufacturing, catering, retailing and distribution).

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