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Magnetics, semiconductors and high temperature superconductors

The project covers the following research in high and ultra high magnetic fields at low temperatures: quantum Hall effect and related phenomena; the critical current density of hard superconductors; dynamics of the magnetic subsystem in Haldane-gap materials and multisublattice ferrimagnets; field induced magnetic phase transitions and magnetic phase diagrams of pure rare earth metals, oxides and intermetallic compounds, nano-scale clusters and ultra thin multilayer compounds; magnetocaloric effect in paramagnets, elastic properties of spin-Peierls compounds.

The following experiments were carried out in steady magnetic fields , pulsed nondestructive fields and destructive fields: magnetization measurements of bismuth-based superconducting films and yttrium barium copper oxide ceramics and single crystals, intermetallic compounds ; rare earth garnets; magnetotransport and far infrared resonance of semimagnetic semi-conductors and low dimensional materials in fields up to 200 T, differential magnetic susceptibility and magneto-optical measurements of nano-scale magnetic materials using explosive-driven magnetic field generators. Several special experimental set-ups were designed to perform high sensitivity measurements of magnetization, magnetostriction, differential magnetic susceptibility, magnetotransport properties and far infrared resonance under conditions of high and ultra high pulsed magnetic fields. The technology for epitaxial growth of II-VI semi-conductor structures and quantum wires was developed. High quality superconducting bismuth-based films and single crystals, single crystals, polycrystalline and other compounds were grown and tested in zero and low magnetic fields. A number of nondestructive and destructive pulsed magnets for the generation of magnetic field in the range 60-600 T were designed, manufactured and tested. Theoretical investigations were focused mainly on realignment of orbital and spin magnetic moments of light rare-earth ions, rare earth based compounds and nano-scale objects in ultra high magnetic fields. Special features on the records of magnetization, Faraday effect and magnetically induced birefringence versus field have been studied. Quasiclassical models of magnetic phase transitions in rare earth intermetallics and a microscopic model of resonance phenomena in Ising magnets were developed.

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