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Two-axis excitation variable speed generators for power generation

The project uses the results of recent breakthroughs in several branches of machine electronics, power electronics, digital control electronics and control automation to design a new machine-converter-control unit with properties and performance giving significant savings and advantages in industrial processes. A very powerful package of mathematical tools, called EUROSTAG, was used for simulation of static and dynamic power systems regimes for conventional and asynchronized generators parallel operation. New cubicles for EUROSTAG elements library for simulation were developed and tested. MATLAB and SIMULINK packages were used for excitation control system simulation, comparative study of control system behaviour by use of two different mathematical tools was done. The comparative analysis challenged the necessity of excitation control law modernization and a control system with variable structure was proposed and analysed. Specific design features of an existing Russian 200 MW asychronized turbo-generator (ASTG) with hydrogen cooling were described and analysed in detail. Some ideas about air cooled ASTG were discussed. An existing microprocessor excitation control system for 200 MW ASTG was analysed and the upgrading of existing systems based on the SYCONUM system with digital signal processing (DSP) was proposed. Recommendations concerning further promotion of asynchronized generators were developed for turbo-generators, for hydro-generators/motors of pumped-storage power plants and for FACTS controlled devices.

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