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High-frequency dynamics in superconducting Josephson systems

The project was devoted to the study of coherent high-frequency regimes in superconducting thin film structures which include Josephson junctions. Experiments were performed with low-critical temperature (Tc) long Josephson junctions operated as flux-flow oscillators (FFO). These structures were then modelled, the stacked junctions and superconducting multilayers were studied, the dynamics of 2-dimensional arrays of small Josephson junctions investigated and new thin-film structures and devices based on high-Tc materials were developed and characterized. FFOs as well as stacked FFO structures were demonstrated to operate as potentially useful electromagnetic wave generators in the frequency range 100-800 GHz. For the first experimentally coherent in-phase operation of mutually phase-locked stacked FFOs was successfully shown.

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Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52405 Jülich
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