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Dynamics of adsorption at moving liquid interfaces

The main achievements of the project are the new level of theoretical description of the maximum bubble technique and the understanding of interfacial molecular processes for surfactants and proteins. An outstanding method for extremely short adsorption times, the bubble pressure method, was developed to overcome in particular the theoretical shortcomings in the short time range. Experimental studies confirmed the theoretical results. The bubble growing at the orifice of a capillary has been analysed in respect of the state before detachment and its rising in surfactant solutions. For the interfacial processes of molecular reorientation and aggregation theoretical models have been developed which describe not only the thermodynamic state of surfactant layers in an easy and accurate way, but also give for the first time new kinetics models which allow better description of the experimental findings than previous models. For the understanding of protein layers at liquid interfaces a completely new attempt was made to describe their equilibrium state. The step to describe dynamic processes is far more complicated and requires further studies. The groups have been involved in the publication of four books, dedicated to the main subjects of this project. The monograph on 'Tensiometry' by Rusanov and Prokhorov has been edited by Miller. The book on 'Drops & Bubbles in Interfacial Research' contains 3 chapters of joint authorship (Dukhin, Fainerman, Loglio, Miller), the book on 'Proteins at Liquid Interface' contains 1 chapter (Fainerman, Miller), while the entire book on 'Dynamic Surface Tension of Biological Liquids in Medicine' is co-authored by members of the groups (Fainerman, Miller). The last book is published in Russian and is being translated into English. In this way, very effective assimilation of the research results to other scientists working in the field is achieved.

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