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Bio-energetics of extremely halophilic methanogenic and acetogenic bacteria

Extremely halophilic methanogens and acetogens such as Methanohalobium or Acetohalobium species are methylotrophic and do not grow on hydrogen plus carbon dioxide. The project considers whether there is a threshold concentration of sodium chloride above which methanogenesis as well as acetogenesis from hydrogen plus carbon dioxide can no longer be observed in nature or the laboratory.

The first representatives of halophilic and alkaliphilic anaerobic bacteria which grow in a high sodium environment at neutral pH or at alkaline pH were isolated and characterized. New genera and species isolated and described from enrichments previously obtained from equatorial soda Lake Magadi, lagoons from Sivash, new enrichments done from the lakes of Central Asia. Studies on the secondary anaerobes were performed with emphasis on the community level and ecophysiology of new microorganisms. Food webs for the alkaliphilic communities in soda lakes and the comparative role of methanogens; sulphidogens and homoacetogens were established.

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