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Slope instability, erosion and solid material transport in steep mountain catchments: laboratory and field experimentations (EROSLOPE II)

The EUROSLOPE II - project focusses field, laboratory and modelling research on the problem of high mountain slope and riverbed stability. Approaching the end of the project in late 1999, project achievements now can be sketched as:

Measuring techniques:
- sophistication of ultrasonic sounding to monitor coarse sediment filling in a sediment pool during high floods
- adaption of a balloon system for photographic survey of river beds and slopes in the near distance
- test of a video-grill system to monitor quantity, size and ahape of coarse solid material online during a high flood
- development of a test cobble with 3D - accelerometers to study the motion of coarse particles in a river or flume

Hydraulics and sediment transport:
- changes of riverbed morphology and sediment transport caused by sudden change of width (narrowing/widening of a riverbed/flume)
- destruction and reshaping of protective riverbed structures during and after a high flood
- investigation of ring structures as protective features in the river bed
- improvement of the description of a flow field over rough surfaces with small relative submergence
- studies on the stability of an armoured layer at critical flow conditions during and after sediment feeding
- study of coarse particle movement with magnetic and radio tracers

- combination of modelling and experiments on vegetation roughness
- GIS - modelling on sediment sources with special regards to avalanche and shallow landslide initiation
- 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling for complex and rough topography

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