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MAGnetic bearings for new flexible SPINning concept for high quality yarn (MAGSPIN)

Within the scope of this R&D project financial supported from the European Community in the frame of the BRITE EURAM Cooperative research there were spinning centrifuges on magnetic bearings developed and equipped into a centrifugal spinning machine function specimen unit. The developed machine function specimen unit shows novel approaches in the way of productivity, which could be tried in tests.

The centrifugal spinning method itself has been further developed, making use of the technical possibilities offered by magnetic bearings, so that the method can now be used in a very flexible spinning machine.

To demonstrate the new bearing technology a section of a centrifugal spinning machine equipped with centrifuges on magnetic bearings has been realized which, for the first time on record worldwide, is spinning yarn using a larger quantity of magnet bearings for spinning with high production speed. The produced yarn quality (no deviation to ring yarn quality) is on the top quality level compared to other high productive spinning technologies (e.g. air jet spinning, friction spinning, rotor spinning).

At the same time, the spinning centrifuges on magnetic bearings used for centrifugal spinning could successfully be realized at reduced costs compared to the so far state of the art (e.g. turbo molecular pumps) and has the change to come within a cost margin that allows offering this comparatively expensive technology in a spinning machine. The magnetic bearing technology has now for the first time reached a stage and a market where a magnetic bearing design can be prepared for a product in mass-production.

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