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Advanced flexible composite rotor for large wind turbines

High fatigue loading on turbines significantly reduce their efficiency and thus theircost-effectiveness. Aeroelsatic and structural dynamic computer codes demonstratethe significant potential for reducing this effect on three bladed turbines throughthe use of softer, lighter rotors. The aim of this project was to develop a newconcept for wind turbine rotors which would help to address this issue. This consistedof the development of a new rotor, consisting of a soft hub extender with passivepitch capability, together with a light, flexible, composite blade, that togetherwith the hub extender minimizes the fatigue load on the turbine. This lighter rotorwill also enable a lighter supporting structure to be adopted for the same level ofenergy generation. The project also aimed to demonstrate the possibility of increasingthe diameter of the rotor by mounting advanced composite hub extenders and/orblades. Finally it was intended that a design tool and manufacturing method wouldbe developed for soft, light, passive twist rotors for large turbines.

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Rolles Moellevej 1
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