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ARDISS: advanced receiver for direct solar steam production in parabolic trough solar power plant

The DISS process has been identified as one of the most promising lines ofdevelopment which could speed up the commercialization of solar powered electricityproduction. With respect to this, the first step in its development is to assess therequirement of the collector and analyse the various options available.The goal of the ARDISS (advanced receiver for direct solar steam production inparabolic trough solar power plants) project, therefore is to analyse the technicaloptions of the DISS process and to develop a receiver fulfilling the requirements ofthe DISS project. The main objectives were, firstly, to design, construct and testthe concentrator receiver; secondly, to analyse, both theoretically and experimentally,direct steam generation (DSG); and finally, to assess the simulation of the solardriven electricity system applying DSS.To achieve these objectives the most promising components developed for thesesystems in recent years have been integrated. Particular attention was paid to thedevelopment of the second stage concentrator (SSC) receiver as a means to achieveconcentration without penalising collector efficiency whilst improving thecontrollability of the DISS process.

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