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INDRE Project - Analysis of Strategies and Modelling

The main aim of the project was to evaluate the savings potential of various electricity demand side management (DSM) measures in the domestic and commercial low voltage sector.

The technical-economic mathematical model MINDRE developed during this project is made up of seven idependent modules. The data within some of the modules can be changed, while leaving the remaining data constant. This is advantageous for improving the accuracy of the data and also allows a wide range of DSM scenarios to be assessed.

The model integrates and compares information on customerswho have already taken some measures to improve energy efficiency with other customers who have not. It is also used to estimate the effect of changes in equipment and user times amongst customers as a whole on electricity consumption. These impacts are studied from both the point of view of the customer and of the system and also take environmental effects into account.

The evaluation is carried out under different conditions of certainty, depending on whether or not prior experience exists in terms of the large-scale or experimental implementation of the DSM measures. The accuracy of the results is improved where sufficient data is available regarding the types of electricity use amongst the population and also with respect to knowledge of which DSM measures can be taken. Accuracy is also improved if there is extensive real or experimental data covering the target population. In the case of Spain, extensive data is available regarding the implementation of night tariffs, efficient lighting and consumer education. Finally, comparison with other populations with similar socio-economic characteristics is also useful. This is the case with Spain and Portugal.

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