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An attractive option for CO2 control in IGCC systems: water gas shift with integrated (WIHYS) hygrogen/carbon dioxide separation process

Conventional approaches for CO2 control in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants generally consist of a separate multistage shift reactor to convert carbon monoxide (CO) with steam to form CO2 and hydrogen (H2), followed by a low temperature CO2 removal process. A promising approach lies in the combination of water gas shift reaction with continuous hydrogen separation from the reaction mixture - the so-called WIHYS process. By using H2 selective membranes, combined with a catalyst active to the shift reaction, the equilibrium process of H2 from coal gas can be enhanced, resulting in a simpler system and a decreased steam/CO ratio. This should lead to a lower efficiency penalty and thus to an economically-feasible alternative. The project investigated the performance requirements of the catalyst and membrane, and associated components, and provided a feasibility study for a preliminary design.

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