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Direct methanol Fuel cell component and concept evaluation

The project aimed to evaluate the concepts and components for long-term operation of a kW-range, solid polymer electrolyte, direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) system at temperatures of 100 C and above (up to a maximum of 150 C) in order to increase the system's efficiency.

The DMFC has been investigated for the last 30 years as a promising alternative to hydrogen fuel cells. There remain, however, quite fundamental problems that need to be resolved before DMFC can become a viable technology. For example, during oxidation of the methanol, intermediates such as carbon monoxide are produced which effectively poison the electrocatalysts. Another problem is the transport of methanol from one electrode to another - "methanol crossover" - which causes deterioration of the cathode and a potential loss by build-up of a mixed potential at the cathode.

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