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Test programme of the stall-regulated 1 MW NedWind 50 wind turbine

An innovative two-blade, 1 MW stall-regulated wind turbine was designed with a diameter of 52.6 m. The work involved verification of the NedWind 50 design; the generation of load data for a large stall-regulated wind turbine; and the evaluation of current design methods against measured data for large stall-regulated wind turbines. The installation, certification and operation of the turbine were not covered. The project contributed to an improved understanding of aerodynamic stall and the realisation of the first stall-regulated full blade pitch machine equipped with active stall control. The findings are being implemented in the design of new, more efficient wind turbines.

Understanding of the behaviour of wind turbines has improved enormously in the last decade. There are, however, still areas which are poorly understood, such as the effect of scale and the nature of aerodynamic stall. In particular, the transients of the gear box are unknown and the prediction of the load spectra on the axes is not validated. This project addressed both of these issues. By introducing a monitoring programme into the 1 MW NedWind wind turbine, the aim was to gain significant insights into the behaviour of a large stall-regulated wind turbine in a fairly short timescale and at modest cost. More specifically, the objectives were: to obtain detailed dynamic load and response data; to evaluate current design methods against measured data and hence to improve predictive tools; and to verify the NedWind design.

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