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Characterisation of battery types for renewable energy. Applications and development of battery life extension electronics and strategies

During recent years photovoltaic (PV) technology has made remarkable progress in the field of PV modules and power conditioning, whereas battery storage systems have remained one of the most costly and unreliable components of the plant. This project, which used laboratory experiments and pilot plant to investigate this has led to significant improvements in battery efficiencies.

The perceived unreliability of batteries is the result of users, designers and manufacturers not understanding how to both optimally operate and take care of batteries. This project represented a new initiative to consolidate what has already been learnt in previous JOULE projects, and solve system level, user-orientated issues via a network of suitable and experienced laboratory and pilot plant. The main issues to be tackled were: how to optimise batteries in PV systems by means of effective cost reduction and lifetime extension and how to achieve improvements in regulation and charge/discharge control system design. The project also aimed to develop new laboratory level methods and techniques of battery characterisation in order to reduce the currently high cost and time. The ultimate aim of the project was to define the best method of designing, operating and maintaining batteries to achieve a long lifecycle and to generate easy-to-understand guidelines and procedures. This required the project to, firstly, determine the best ways to design and operate battery banks for renewable energy applications; secondly, develop and validate the "charge equaliser" electronics able to extend battery life in pilot plant; and finally, to investigate and develop methodologies and apparatus for several diagnostic schemes.

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