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The ARIADNE Knowledge Pool System and Web-based Teaching & Learning (WBTL) Environment

Category 1: TOOLS:

1) A set of five specialized authoring tools (educational simulations, auto-evaluation exercises, pedagogic hypertext, video-clips, multiple-format questionnaires), one of which is exploited commercially and provided to Foundation Members in the framework of a special MoU with the vendor.

2) The Knowledge Pool System (the KPS) which consists of a network of 23 interconnected educational databases (so called Local Know/edge Pools or LKPs), of which more than half is operational in 9 different countries and the rest is under construction (the KPS currently contains more than two thousands electronic educational objects and their standardized descriptions or metadata).

3) A set of so-called core tools comprising an indexation and a query tools (to be used in conjunction with the Knowledge Pools), a course editor, a course management system (to be used by trainers and pedagogical engineers to deploy and manage new distance learning courses) and a course distribution system (to be used by learners to access the courses they are registered to). All the core tools are closely integrated with the KPS.

1) Authoring methodologies to be used with three of the specialized authoring tools which greatly facilitate the work of would-be courseware creators. Note that these methodologies are separate documents from the tools Users' Guides.

2) Course design and structuring methodology (the so-called Pedagogical Scenario Users' Guide) to be used in conjunction with the course editor. This methodology may form the basis of a future educational standard.

3) An educational meta-data (or indexation) scheme at the origin of the currently evolving IEEE and ISO LOM (Learning Object Meta-data) standard.

Category 3: USERS ' COMMUNITY:
I) The ARIADNE Projects members form by themselves a Community of more than 25 higher education institutions and a dozen sponsoring partners (industrial or public service organizations). Many, if not most, of these are already using ARlADNE's tools in their educational or training activities.

2) The ARlADNE Users. Group brought together more than 200 external users from more than 15 countries, representing a variety of organizations including different business activities. This Users Group is now continued by the Members of the recently created ARIADNE Foundation and forms an active group of supporters of the ARIADNE System and the extension of the KPS.

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