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BUStoB — Result In Brief

Project ID: 649737
Funded under: H2020-EU.3.3.7.
Country: Netherlands
Domain: Energy

Training construction workers on energy efficient building practices

The EU-funded BUStoB project is working to help the construction industry acquire the skills needed to make Europe’s building stock greener.
Training construction workers on energy efficient building practices
The EU-funded BUStoB (BUILD UP Skills to Business) project is working to fill this skills gap in the Netherlands. The project’s main goal is to develop a large number of training modules covering a range of subjects related to green skills for the building and installation workforce. “The project went beyond just designing training courses,” says project coordinator Peter Smulders. “To ensure a sustainable building environment, researchers also sought new ways to stimulate demand so that more workers would participate in the green skills training.”

In addition to designing and promoting the training modules, the project also developed quick skill assessments. “These assessments help raise awareness among the workforce about the importance of energy efficient building design, identify skill gaps and promote the need for training,” explains Smulders. “They’re meant to serve as an easy way to highlight the need to participate in the full training.”

There’s an app for that

In total, the project developed 76 short e-learning courses on such topics as nZEB technologies, quality assurance and interdisciplinary skills, among others. Many of these courses are available via online media, including the Build Up Skills advisor app. “We incorporated the app’s Learning from Building Errors assessment tool into several of our training modules,” says Smulders. “Our trainers can use this assessment’s short set of questions to enhance the impact of their training.”

In addition to this assessment tool, the app also offers seamless and free access to all BUStoB’s e-learning modules, along with job-specific overviews of other learning opportunities. “Our online instruments for disseminating and promoting the training have proved to be of great value for projects of this sort,” adds Smulders. He notes that the app was funded in large part by OTIB, a project partner. OTIB has since donated the app to the consortium, thereby making it available to other EU projects.

From demand to action

Thanks to its focus on practical information and regional partnerships, the project successfully triggered an increase in demand for green skills training. “We are very proud of the alliances we forged during the project, such as those between the building and installation sector, vocational training institutes and local and national governments,” says Smulders. “As a result, the training resources developed during the BUSTOB project are playing a central role in the human capital agenda of our country’s National Energy Agreement.”

Project researchers are now finalising the training modules and further elaborating their availability on the Build Up Skills advisor app. Once completed, they will turn their attention to putting their work into action by getting the construction industry to buy into the need to develop their green building skills via the BUStoB training courses. “As the project comes to a close, we now face the challenge of getting employers and employees to use the training,” says Smulders. “After all, it’s one thing to raise awareness, but another to translate this awareness into concrete action.”

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