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HySPOD Report Summary

Project ID: 306983
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Netherlands

Final Report Summary - HYSPOD (Hybrid Solution Processable Materials for Opto-Electronic Devices)

In the HySPOD project colloidal quantum dots have been used as building blocks to fabricate solids with enhanced optoelectronic functionality. Not only the variation of the size and shape of the semiconducting quantum dots allows tuning the absorption properties of the solid, but also the ligands attached to the surface were successfully used to modulate important physical properties of the films. Employing different atomic ligands, the electronic transport properties could be tuned from n-type to p-type and field effect mobilities in the range of 1 cm^2/Vs and on/off ratio above 10^5 have been demonstrated. The charge transport and the absorption spectra tuneability makes of these new solids ideal active materials for solar cells. Power conversion efficiency above 10%, with large stability in ambient conditions was demonstrated. Moreover, important understanding of the limitations of these new solids and of the possible strategies to overcome them have been obtained, opening prospects for further developments.

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