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SCOPE Report Summary

Project ID: 730033
Funded under: H2020-EU.1.2.3.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SCOPE (Support and Coordination of the Partnering Environment for FET Flagships)

Reporting period: 2017-01-01 to 2017-12-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

Within the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagships (Graphene Flagship –GF- and the Human Brain Project –HBP), the European Commission proposed a new partnering model for long-term European co-operative research. This model is built around a large Core Project and the partnering mechanism which includes Partnering Projects (PPs) and Associated Members (AMs). The PPs and AMs are an integral part of the Flagships and contribute to the implementation of its research roadmap. Their role may vary from executing research in specific S&T areas, by complementing or extending the ones covered by the CP, to focusing on technology transfer activities and to creating new innovation opportunities.
The Support and Coordination of the Partnering Environment for FET Flagships (SCOPE) proposes to answer the challenge of coordination and building of those partnerships to ensure that the visionary and highly ambitious goals of the two Flagships are achieved and to benefit the research community in Europe and internationally. SCOPE addresses the need of further supporting the integration of these Partnering Projects and Associated Members within the Flagships by providing them tailored support in order to engage in collaborations with the science community. The grants offered give to these PPs and AMs the opportunity to connect with the Flagships and remain at the cutting edge of scientific, technological and innovation developments.

FET Flagships are expected to achieve transformational impacts on science and technology and bring substantial benefits for European competitiveness and society. SCOPE is increasing the visibility of the research results of the partnering environment members of both Flagships among the wider public and the media. To do so, SCOPE is gathering information from the PPs and AMs on their research activities, research topics, scientific papers and results, and publishes this information through news articles at the Flagships communication channels (website, social media, newsletters), as well as at the SCOPE social media. The scientific media is widening their awareness of the positive impact the Flagships can have on reducing fragmentation in R&I efforts in Europe, and as a consequence, positive stories about the Flagships are increasing in the media. Therefore, society is increasing its knowledge and awareness about the Flagships.

The overall objectives are to support the integration and mutual benefit of the PPs and AMs within the Flagships and help increase their visibility through the dissemination of their research results on the Flagships communication channels. SCOPE is providing financial support to PPs and AMs for the organization of networking and dissemination activities, for reduction of reduced registration fees in scientific workshops and for travel to Flagships events.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

During the first year of SCOPE, tailored tools have been set up for support based on the interactions and the feedback received from the PPs and AMs. SCOPE worked towards a better understanding of the PPs and AMs needs in order to improve their experience and this task will go on along the duration of the project. SCOPE fostered collaboration between scientists by developing a travel grant scheme to support PPs and AMs to integrate them within the Flagships initiatives. Since it was approved by the European Commission in October 2017, four grants were awarded to researchers who participated in meetings, workshops and relevant activities organised by the Core Project of each Flagship. It is expected that SCOPE will enter now in its ramp-up phase and, as a result of the tools put in place, the amount of activities and exchanges will increase during the two remaining years of the project. In the GF, SCOPE has also provided support to the Partnering Division in order to elect its new representatives so that PPs and AMs can be properly represented in the governance of the GF and the information flow with their representatives ensured. In the HBP, SCOPE also elected of a HBP PP Representative who is a member of the Science and Infrastructure Board (SIB) and has been attending SIB meetings since October 2017.
Starting in March 2017, SCOPE produced nine news articles about the work and the research results of PPs/AMs in both Flagships. Also a section for SCOPE was created at the website of HBP, GF and FLAG-ERA.
Material promotional (flyers and roll-up) was produced. All these communication and dissemination actions helped to raise awareness about the accomplishment of the Flagships goals in terms of scientific leadership, economical and societal benefits.
The SCOPE support was promoted at the two main annual events of both Flagships, the HBP Summit 2017 and the Graphene Week 2017 (September 2017, Athens). The first networking meetings for the current PPs and AMs were organized in April 2017 in Bologna (Italy) for the GF, and at the HBP Summit 2017 in October 2017 in Glasgow (UK).

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

By getting integrated within the Flagships, PPs and AMs researchers will benefit from outstanding scientific collaborations and participating countries will reinforce their own technological excellence and expertise over time. The socio-economic impact will be enlarged with these exchanges which generate value for the Flagships, the national and regional research efforts, and the European Research Area. Through the grants support put in place, the networking and coordination of the PPs and AMs could be assured and their contributions to the research roadmaps of each Flagship will be soon a common practice. Another expected result is the alignment between the Flagships regarding their approach to the partnering environment, as a consequence of their close collaboration in SCOPE. Thanks to the communication of the visionary research results of the PPs and AMs, a wide spectrum of stakeholders will be aware of the research developed at a full-scale in the areas of graphene/2D related materials and of neuroscience/medicine/computing.

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