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Reuse in Component-based Software Engineering (PROARC REUSE MANAGER)

PROARC REUSE MANAGER is a highly flexible database where relevant artefacts, acquired experience of and information about reusable objects and primarily purpose-built software components can be stored, retrieved and managed. It is instrumental in achieving the goal of increasing the reuse rate in component-based software engineering.

For an organisation to be able to increase the reuse rate in component-based software engineering, it is of vital importance to be able to retrieve information about reusable software components made for reuse in an efficient manner. The information of current interest comprises primarily artefacts (meta-data) about the components, e.g. component name, domain, implementation technology, a short description, selected keyword(s), current life cycle state, and explanation of required condition(s) and possible constraint(s). Secondary, acquired experiences and management information is also stored. The former comprises possible problems including workarounds, typical time spent on integration/adaptation, tips, tricks, etc. The latter comprises origin, owner identification, service responsible and component expert(s), life cycle state, current and potential usage, etc. The set of attributes was carefully selected which is crucial when it comes to the precision of identifying and evaluating relevant candidates. In addition to handling software components, other types of reusable objects have been identified, namely documents, complete solutions and less formal 'snippets'. A 'snippet' can be a useful piece of code, tips and tricks about e.g. a tool, and problems including possible workarounds (not in conjunction with another object). The attribute sets are defined especially for each type to increase the efficiency ratio.
To meet this comprehensive set of requirements, a highly flexible component repository was implemented. Highly flexible because the information model and keywords, for example, will certainly be subject to alteration in the course of time.

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