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Composite materials for high temperature heat exchangers and thermionic generators

The project was aimed at the definition and the characterisation of advanced ceramic and metal ceramic materials suitable for structural and functional components of thermonic energy converters and heat exchangers. Coating techniques such as CVD and PS were developed to achieve multilayer structures exhibiting the required basic properties.

Methodologies suitable for the characterization of materials in high vacuum and at high temperature, and a qualified methodology for a special system such as the thermionic flame diode have been developed.

A device has been developed to measure emissivity, thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. It can be used for the study and characterization of materials at high temperature and in vacuum.

Apparatus has been developed to measure the work function of materials used in thermionic conversion. It is efficient when used to examine samples which do not contain materials which react with caesium.

Leakage testing equipment for the study and assessment of thermionic diodes has been developed, which can be used to test systems in which sealing is required.

A testing station which simulates the real working conditions of the diode has been developed which is indispensable for the assessment and characterization of thermionic diodes.

A high temperature recuperator with nitride bonded silicon carbide tubes was built. Its thermal performance was assessed by means of experimental thermal cycles. The highest temperature of the hot fluid 1500 C. Such a ceramic heat exchanger can be used downstream in thermionic generators in a cogeneration system called total energy module for the generation of heat and electrical power.

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