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Development of Elevated Temperature Aluminium Alloys (DELTA)

The DELTA project has contributed to the development of a unique European Capability to manufacture elevated temperature aluminium alloys. Two key systems have been established based on rapid solidification and mechanical alloying techniques : Al-6.5Fe-1.5V-1.7Si and Al-0.3Li-1Mg+7.5%TiO2. These alloys offer exciting new potential for strength, fatigue and creep resistance at elevated temperature not only for aircraft applications but also for other market sectors such as advanced automotive industry or power generation.
The project concentrated on two key product forms for aircraft applications : sheet and tube extrusion. The sheet application was focussed towards engine nacelle materials or aircraft skin materials in hot areas of the aircraft. The tube application was focused at air conditioning system or de-icing system tubes.
The production of billets in both Al-6.5Fe-1.5V-1.7Si and Al-0.3Li-1Mg+7.5%TiO2 alloys and their transformation to sheets or extrusions was successfully achieved, on a commercial scale. For tube applications, direct extrusion of the billets to tube product was achieved in the case of the Al-Fe-V-Si alloy. In the case of the Al-Li-Mg+TiO2 alloy, this was not successful with existing commercial equipment because of the high strength of this class of material at temperature.
The characterization of the sheet and tube products in the Al-6.5Fe-1.5V-1.7Si alloy system demonstrated the interest of this material for the foreseen aircraft applications, even though some specific aspects will have to be further assessed and confirmed in a near future : weldability (possibility to use solid state processes); bending (possibility to bend at high temperature); extrusion (possibility to extrude tubes with a diameter > 50mm).

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