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eps Report Summary

Project ID: 313360
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: France

Final Report Summary - EPS (Epistemic protocol synthesis)

The project Epistemic Protocol Synthesis (EPS 313360) has been executed from 2013 until 2018 at LORIA in Nancy, France. The project objectives were ambitious and rather varied. As is to be expected, the reality after five years is different from the expectation before the start of the project. The goals achieved in pure synthesis were fairly modest, mainly an as yet unpublished manuscript 'Arrow Update Synthesis' already available on ArXiV. However if one lays the bar a bit different many results for epistemic planning in gossip protocols have been achieved within the project. The theme of gossip (peer-to-peer communication in networks, like telephone calls) was only distantly present at the start of the project but became more and more prominent throughout its execution. Results in that area can be considered of interdisciplinary importance, 'gossip' is a big topic in the networks community.

Towards the end of the project promising results in asynchronous communication were achieved; these are now near submission stage. This is a setting wherein the sending and receiving of messages is separated, and where messages are announcements as in dynamic epistemic logic. Various work on cards cryptography was also completed and published during the project's execution.

In order to make a plan one needs a goal and in order to realize an (epistemic) goal one needs to quantify over information change. Major work on the topic of logics for quantifying over information change was achieved during the project's execution, in public announcement logics, arrow update logics, in refinement modal logics, and in modal logics interpreted on topological structures. The results are on expressivity, axiomatization, succinctness, complexity, and other theoretical themes. Related to this is reasoning about knowledge and awareness: you may not be aware of all the information needed to realize your goal. A major publication that appeared during the project's execution is 'Implicit, explicit, and speculative knowledge'. Such logics of awareness and knowledge are relevant in game theory, a subdiscipline of economics: strategic planning under unawareness is currently considered of great interest. Designing specific protocol languages for realizing epistemic plans has resulted in project achievements, as well as advances in languages formalizing lying and deception, and the formalization of various notions of agency. This resulted in a publication 'Announcements to Attentive Agents'. Works on lying and agency are of interest in philosophical logic, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence.

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