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CHOLINOMIRS Report Summary

Project ID: 321501
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Israel

Final Report Summary - CHOLINOMIRS (CholinomiRs: MicroRNA Regulators of Cholinergic Signalling in the Neuro-Immune Interface)

This project studies the role of microRNA in regulating many biological processes. These small non-coding microRNAs are involved in all aspects of development and cell fate determination in a range of eukaryotic organisms. Mis-regulation of microRNA expression is now known to be involved in numerous diseases and conditions. microRNAs interact with the 3’-untranslated region of their target genes and can regulate entire pathways by simultaneously repressing multiple target mRNAs.
We are especially interested in microRNAs which regulate the cholinergic system. We have now studied a number of microRNAs including microRNA-132,-211 and -608 and studied their involvement in various conditions including anxiety hypertension Alzheimer's and non alcoholic fatty liver disease. A better understanding of the role of microRNA in gene regulation may prove of huge benefit to developing new methods for diagnosis and novel therapies.
Other studies conducted as part of this project have shown an important role for another cholinomiR, microRNA-608, in regulating acetylcholinesterase. We have shown that mutations that interfere with the ability of miR-608 to regulate acetylcholinesterase lead to elevated levels of anxiety and hypertension.
In conclusion this project highlights the importance of the CholinomiR family of microRNAs in both human health and disease.

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