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Final Report Summary - PROMO-AIR (Promoting Aeronautics Innovation and Research)

Promo-Air primarily aimed at raising the interest of young Europeans and promoting scientific and technical studies and careers in aeronautics and air transport research and industry. In order to accomplish this target, attractive digital educational material has been prepared, by incorporating state-of-the-art research results of past and ongoing Aeronautics and Air Transport related projects. The effective communication and broad dissemination of such material within secondary and engineering schools made the close collaboration of experts of imperative importance. The consortium of Promo-Air fulfilled this requirement by including experts from both the aviation and education sectors. The actions performed, which were also the main objectives of this project, are summarized as following:

- Identification of representative Aeronautics and Air Transport RTD projects, and establishment of a contact point with each one of the selected projects.
- Analysis and selection of the main research results to be used as input for the educational material.
- Preparation of digital educational material. The material included: a) films highlighting the cutting-edge technologies of the Aeronautical industry, b) a quiz game giving the opportunity to secondary and technical schools students to explore and interact with the “World of Aeronautics” and c) e-Brochures illustrating the major technological innovations of AAT research.
- Development of policies for disseminating and communicating the produced educational material through forums, internet, schools & universities.

Europe has succeeded to have a relatively large and steadily increasing share of the civil Aeronautics and air transport market. A significant portion of this success should be attributed to the highly skilled aeronautical engineers and researchers, being part of the demanding field of the Aeronautical industry. In order to maintain and further strengthen the competitiveness of Europe in the global market, it is imperative that European Aeronautical sector (industry, research centers etc.) will sustain the volume and quality of aeronautical engineers and researchers on a high level.

During recent years it has been realized that Aeronautics related studies are not considered as “prestigious” as other fields such as medicine, law etc. As a result, the number and quality of engineering students is decreasing with time, to the point where the European Aeronautics industry has a shortage of high quality engineers. ACARE Human Resources Group (AHRG) has recognized this problem and has also, among others, identified the following Terms of Reference:

- Ensuring the Future workforce for European Aerospace
- Improve the image of a career in the air transport sector

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