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Gendever Report Summary

Project ID: 311257
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Israel

Final Report Summary - GENDEVER (Genome, the Edited Version: DNA and RNA Editing of Mammalian Retroelements)

Our group main achievements were in the field of RNA and DNA editing: We developed, and applied, several global approaches to find the full human editosome and the first genomic screen for DNA editing by apobec3 in genomic retroelements. In a series of publications, we transformed the field of RNA editing and revolutionised the view of this RNA modification by introducing computational detection approaches for editing discovery that reveal its full genomic scope. (Before our work, only a handful of sites were known- now we map many millions). Recently, we were the first group to show that DNA editing is a key process in genomic evolution across vertebrates and that RNA editing serves as a common, yet overlooked player in many biological process and diseases, and specifically in cancer.

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