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SURESCAN Report Summary

Project ID: 281524
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: United Kingdom

Final Report Summary - SURESCAN (Rapid reliable volume status and ventricular function assessment by non-specialist staff using innovative imaging in clinical practice)

SureScan was developed with clear main objectives to:
- Provide a rapid non-invasive volume status monitoring technique that can be used in sick inpatients and chronic outpatients.
- Derive a rapid multi-modality assessment of left ventricular function, volume status, and cardiac output.

We developed a novel and automated system, using speckle tracking and colour flow mapping, to select Doppler measurement sites and the mitral inflow, septal annulus and lateral annulus, and to make measurements of peak E and E’ velocities from the Doppler traces obtained at these positions, without any human selection of the sites. This can potentially enable the general clinical doctors and nurses at the front line to be able to rapidly and reliably screen large numbers of patients for ventricular function and intravascular fluid status. The could produce a major step forward in the clinical applicability of echocardiographic measurements in many common healthcare settings worldwide.

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