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Final Report Summary - SANBOX (Development of an innovative sanitation and wastewater treatment system for remote located tourist facilities)

The SANBOX idea refers to a novel source separating sanitation approach for remote tourist facilities in Europe. The SANBOX system aims to reach high treatment performance, recycle water and nutrients and use solar power as energy source. The vision is to come close to a self sustaining zero effluent treatment system. The project has developed an innovative modular system consisting of six modules that can be assembled depending on the specific climatic and social conditions at a particular target site. The project implemented and tested three different modular combinations of the SANBOX at three climatically different sites.
SANBOX Scandinavia is adapted to the Nordic region taking into account the cold temperatures with little solar radiation during winter-time. It refers to an extreme compact wastewater treatment system having a total footprint of only 8 m2. The main feature of the Scandinavian modification is a novel integration of a new developed SANBOX particle separation unit and proven MBR technology. The system reaches treatment performance of more than 90% in terms of COD and pathogens resulting in an effluent that is fulfilling bathing water quality.
The SANBOX Alps is a novel integration of greenhouse and wastewater technology. It refers to an innovative solar driven compact wastewater treatment system with recycling option for the greywater stream. The system has been tested at Britannia lodge in Saas Fee, Switzerland on 3030 meter altitude. The results show, that the extremely small blackwater volume obtained using JetsTM vaccuum toilets opens up for novel solar-based treatment and hygienization opportunities. The unit reached very high reduction rates for organic matter and pathogens even at extreme high loading rates, which is an important issue regarding the vulnerable environment in high alpine locations as the Alps.
SANBOX Mediterranean is adapted to the special requirements of the Mediterranean region. An innovative combination of SANBOX components and cheap natural based treatment systems meets the challenges related to the combination high treatment requirements and relatively low price level. With the solar-based SANBOX evaporation and hygienization module developed it was possible to reach zero effluent for blackwater during the testing period in spring of 2011.
The test results show that all three SANBOX modifications have a high market potential. This has been confirmed by the large attention the prototype at Britannia lodge met among the local media in Switzerland. For a market implementation, most of the components need some additional research and improvements, the SANBOX consortium hopes to conduct this within the next two years.
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