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Modelling environment for 'early diagenetic' processes

A modelling environment was developed, within which the user can construct diagenetic models which simulate the early diagenesis of C, N, P, S, Fe and Mn, and predict pH profiles in both marine and estuarine sediments. It is termed a modelling environment rather than a model because it can handle different model formulations without alteration of the source code. The model can be extended with new species and reactions through a user-interface without the need for recompilation. Both steady-state and dynamic simulations can be performed.

The flexibility and the modular structure of MEDIA results from an object-oriented approach in FORTAN95 standard programming language. Special attention was given to combine a performing numerical solution with an extended reversible reaction set, which consists both of acid-base and absorption reactions. The numerical solution procedures used guarantee a highly efficient CPU usage and shirt execution time, even with an extensive reaction set.

The modelling environment is available for anyone wishing to use it or to improve it.

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