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Realization and test in flight conditions of new automatic airborne prototypes (CO, NOy, aerosols, data acquisition system)

LA/CNRS developed: (1) a prototype for automatic CO measurement at low concentration, based on a commercial IR analyzer and increasing the sensitivity by a factor of 20; (2) an automatic system for aerosol counting, based on a commercial laser absorption detector; a new Data Acquisition System (mini computer, Arinc card, interfaces) in order to improve performances of existing system.
FZJ developed and built a completely new NOy instrument, on the basis of a small chemiluminescence detector and a catalytic converter.
These systems were tested in the laboratory and in flight conditions during test-flights, confirming that their performances were convenient for further installation and operation on board the commercial MOZAIC aircraft.
A sensitivity 5 ppbv for an integration time of 15 sec was reached by CO and the feasibility of aerosol measurements, using a reverse flow inlet was demonstrated.

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