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Geographical and temporal climatologies of O3 and H2O

From data collected between 09/1994 and 08/1998 at cruise altitude, accurate O3 and H2O climatologies at 9-12 km altitude were generated. The stratospheric components were separated using a combination of O3 and PV thresholds, and their variations were interpreted. (LA/CNRS)
From data collected during ascents and descents between 09/1994 and 04/1999, accurate O3 and H2O climatologies between 0 and 12 km altitude were generated for various cities (Caracas, Frankfurt, Paris, Madras, Johannesburg, Osaka, Sao Paulo, Rio). (LA/CNRS)
The two year O3 climatology 91994-96) from data collected between 0 and 12 km altitude was compared to measurements at 8 stations of the Ozone Sounding Network (Hohenpeissenberg, Wallops Island, Tateno, Palestine, Pretoria, Goose Bay, Biscarosse, Poona). Climatologies were found in good agreement, in the range of uncertainties of the 2 methods. (LA/CRNS)

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