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An operational software tool for GOMOS data assimilation

The executable tool (derived from result 1) is currently used on three different platforms: SUN, DEC ALPHA, and PC under LINUX. On a SUN ULTRA SPARC bi-processor 300 Mhz, one day of simulation is performed in about one hour of real time. Disk space occupation is 0.11 Mb per variable saved per time step.
ACRI/SA/FMI are committed to exploit the tool. The platform will be Debian Linux, running in a PC with the kernel 2.2.12 or later for FMI, DEC ALPHA for SA and SUN for ACRI.
After GOMOS has been launched, the tool will be used for assimilation of the GOMOS data. The assimilated data will be used both in the validation work and in the scientific research. This activity will be performed in the frame of the project OZVAL (part of the core validation programme of ENISAT Atmosphere Chemistry Mission).
The tool will also be used by the UFOS project funded by DC13 (Ten-Telecom programme). UFOS is a pilot experiment involving WMO and WHO which will contribute to assess the effects on human health of increasing UV reaching the Earth's surface as a consequence of depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer. The production of high level products will be derived from a systematic exploitation of ENVISAT chemistry data assimilated in the tool.
The system will be a development platform for data from other potential instruments in close co-operation with the other MSDOL members and extended partnership.

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