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Enhanced Manufacturing System for Electro-Welded Wire Mesh: Prototype design

The objective was to design the Prototype System in all its parts. In detail:
study the 3 sub-systems for the prototype, straightening and cutting system, rods transportation and positioning system, welding system;
design the 3 sub-systems and identify the most appropriate components for the development of each;
design for each of the 3 sub-systems the components not available commercially;
design the overall plan of the prototype.

On the basis of design studies, carried out by Beta System, the University of Rome designed in detail each component of the sub-system. Central Control System
The objective was to study and develop an electronic system controlling all operational functions, from wire straightening to welding, where it will only be necessary to set the shape of the mesh to be produced. All the software necessary for the control process for the prototype plant has kept faith with all the specific requirements which were identified in the project and was completed and refined during this second half of the project life. In addition, it was actually implemented in the prototype plant. In this, the control process has maintained the characteristics to allow the plant to produce welded mesh of variable dimension where the work cycle is completely automatic and does not require any manual intervention by the operator, aside from maintenance and operation. The shape of the mesh sheets is of course programmable: the plant allows a highly flexible production, completely adaptable to the needs of the client.
There are three main requisites for the plant's control system; these are efficiency, robustness and safety. Project partners and R&D Performers have respected all these requisites.
Beta Systems developed the Central Control System for the prototype; Aitemin developed the high level software for the operator interface of the Central Control System Prototype Building and Testing The prototype built is able to produce any kind of mesh structure, however complicated, automatically using data transmitted directly from a central CAD system. A mesh grid is formed by a series of line wires and a series of cross wires. The prototype built uses wire material in coil form for both its line wire and cross wire requirements and from this it prepares and welds the grid/mesh structures which are to be used directly in the casting of prefabricated building elements.
The prototype plant was indeed built and the testing and refining phases were carried out to obtain results which were in line with the clearly identified user requirements. The prototype indicated the research and designing phases and the results which we were able to obtain from it satisfied all the necessary requirements and the prototype does indeed include all the state-of-the-art concepts which we had intended to strive for.
A prototype of a fully automatic, compact, state-of-the-art, all-in-one and plug-in plant with 100% flexibility was built and demonstarted . This prototype includes a highly innovative straightening technology and a truely flexible and innovative welding section. Project partners were able to build the prototype and the prototype was refined to do all what it was intended for.

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